Free Community Photography Training

Photoright is a community education photography project. That is to say, it is a place where people can help others learn about photography and how to create better images. Anyone can apply to be a contributor as long as they can show that they can produce on topic and worthwhile articles.

The content must be your own work as you can’t just copy content from another website. Articles that are reviews of your cameras, how-to-do something, and information on events and meets are more than welcome.

Rules for contributors.

Articles will be accepted under the following conditions.

  • Family-Friendly Content, nothing on this site should make my mother blush
  • All content must be original, by posting anything you will agree that it is your content and hasn’t just been copied.
  • Amazon (and similar) links to items you are describing in your article are allowed so for instance if your article is about a Canon 5D MkIV and you put a link in your article to amazon where people can buy one then that is fine.
  • Articles must be categorised and have appropriate tags
  • Embedding Youtube or other Videos in posts are allowed as long as you own the copyright to the embedded video.