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If you’ve gazed upon the mighty High Falls (as seen in another post) at the park and don’t mind climbing down a small rocky hill, you’ll find the quaint Little High Falls spilling into the water basin. Address: High Falls Picnic Area, Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1W9 Province: Ontario Year of
The Comfort Maple can be found in Comfort Maple Conservation Area in Pelham, Southern Ontario. It’s estimated to have sprouted in the year 1500, making it around half a millennium in age! Address: Comfort Maple Conservation Area, 1732 Metler Road, Fenwick, Ontario, L0S 1C0 Province: Ontario Year of Visit: 2016
Surrounded by cottage country, next to Mary Lake is a small waterfall, or slide as it’s referred to, just below the dam. The river spills over a large incline of bedrock and alongside large sections of exposed bedrock just below it. Address: Port Sydney Dam, Ontario Street, Huntsville, Ontario Province:
If you happen to be in the Bracebridge area and visiting High Falls (as seen in another blog post) then you’re in for a real treat–the pleasure of visiting THREE waterfalls within walking distance of each other! Yup, you heard right! Address: High Falls Picnic Area, Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1W9
One of the largest cascades in the Muskoka region, with a height of 52 feet, is the impressive High Falls in Bracebridge, also known as Muskoka High Falls and sometimes referred to as the “Niagara of the North.” Address: High Falls Picnic AreaBracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1W9 Province: Ontario Year of
Just twelve kilometers south of Huntsville is the small town of Port Sydney where you’ll find the “Family Tree.” I couldn’t locate any information about the tree itself but it is a popular location with photographers. After seeing a photo of the tree online and researching its location, we set
Healey Falls is a tall, wide, and very powerful Cascade-with-Dam that spills over a number of ledges on the Trent River in Northumberland County. At over 328 feet in width and 32 feet high, Healey Falls is huge and can be monstrous at high flow that blasts across the bedrock
One of Canada’s most scenic drives, where the mountains meet the sea, was rated “Best Motorcycle Trip” in USA Today’s “10 Best Readers’ Choice” in 2014, ranked as “one of the top islands in North America” by Travel + Leisure magazine, ranked as “10 Most Underrated Attractions” by MSN Travel’s “Greatest Road
Not too far west from the Grotto you’ll find Boulder Beach. I like to call it Broke-Ankle Beach since walking over it is very slow with cobble-shaped rocks constantly shifting beneath every step. But once you make it across and into the woods again, you’re on your way to a
Muskoka is bursting with waterfalls but many have been completely destroyed with the construction of dams. Bracebridge alone claims to have twenty-two waterfalls although we only visited a small handful over the past few years. Address: Wilsons Falls Road, Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1L7 Province: Ontario Year of Visit: 2016 Wilson’s